Whispers From God comes from that special place where you know that God is speaking to you. It comes from a relationship with Him and being still to hear His soft quiet voice. It may be just a few words, but those words can change your life, increase your faith, or just be an encouragement that you are not alone. I encourage you to put paper by your bed, or take some on your walk. You never want to be so busy that you miss the whispers from God.

Faith comes from hearing the word of God. Let us all use Whispers From God to share with each other what the Lord is saying to us in our walk with Him. Share your whispers, even if it is just one line, or a short paragraph. God will use you to bless others.

~ Jan ~

Seekers ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Rejoice ~ Jan Hall Morgan
God Is Love ~ Bernice Ward
Listening ~ Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
Memories...Not Forgotten ~ Melva
Whispers? ~ Geraldine Petrone
Lord, Take Me Out ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Lean On Jesus ~ Bernice Ward
Whispers From Heaven ~ Judy Knight
Can It Get Any Worse? ~ Marie Williams
My Lord's Whispers ~ Sondra McPherson
Mother's Diamond Earrings ~ Sondra McPherson
Mid Bay Whispers ~ Jan Hall Morgan
The Son Is Going To Rise! ~ Jan Hall Morgan
A Blessing In My Life ~ Bernice Ward
Baggage ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Bandages ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Whispers Of Joy ~ Bernice Ward
Broken Wing ~ Jan Hall Morgan
What Do You Do? ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Joy! ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Blessed Beyond Measure ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Miracles ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Just A Car? ~ Jan Hall Morgan
He Speaks To My Heart ~ Jan Hall Morgan
I Am Who I Am ~ Carolyn Kurtz-LaRue
Joys Of Being A Grandmother ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Here I Am, Lord! ~ Deborah Hall Hardin
Journey Of A Lifetime ~ Jan Hall Morgan
The Future ~ Jan Hall Morgan
Restoration ~ Deborah Hall-Hardin Garcia
A Renewed Walk ~ Jan Hall Morgan

Please Note: All material written by Jan Hall Morgan may be reproduced and distributed to any Christian based organizations without permission from the author; however, permission must be obtained from all other writers. Please see their contact information on the individual pages.

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