Herald A New Day ~ Letters from Home by Jan Morgan

               Etheleen Hall

My Dear Mama

It is my hope to use Letters from Home as a way of passing on to the computer generation the wonderful wisdom and the heritage that comes from the probing of questions unanswered until someone finally sits down, asks questions, then puts them in written form to pass on for us to read and gain strength from.

Letters from Home are my mother's letters of encouragement that she felt the Lord laid on her heart to write. It was in the later years of her life that she would mail me these letters one by one. This was her way of sharing her faith and passing it on to her children and grandchildren.

I gained a lot of strength and faith due, in a large part, to my dear mother's influence and example. I truly hope her letters will reach many hearts and enrich the lives of those who read them.

Jan Hall Morgan

Please Note: The writings of Etheleen Hall, under the "Letters From Home" page, may be reproduced and distributed without permission. Please contact Joanne Lowe for permission to use her writings.

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Sorrow Knocked ~ Etheleen Hall
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Who Am I? ~ Etheleen Hall
The Holy Spirit ~ Etheleen Hall
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Little Lady ~ Etheleen Hall
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A Spiritual Vision From God ~ Etheleen Hall
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