Virginia (Ginny) Bryant  ~  Carol G. (Cali) Oliver  ~  Bernice Ward
Carol Dee Meeks  ~  Jack Young  ~  Mariane Holbrook
E.H. Coe  ~  Mr. Doug  ~  Jane Ward Smith
Melva  ~  Judith Johnson Kypta  ~  Southbreeze
Jo Ann Kelly  ~  Joyce C. Lock  ~  Betty Jo Mings
Janet Perez Eckles  ~  Doris Fuller  ~  Joyce Gale
Karen Payne  ~  Brenda Sparkman  ~  Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4
Catherine Turner-Joll  ~  Marilyn Ferguson  ~  Katherine Sunday Davis
Marie Williams  ~  Etheleen Hall  ~  William McCoy
Reese McCoy  ~  Loree (Mason) O'Neil  ~  Ellie Braun-Haley
Jane Ellen Slone  ~  G. Barry  ~  Cheryl McCoy Pender
Shirley (Shy) Barr  ~  Mary Carter Mizrany  ~  Lora Cox
Eddie aka Dark Blue Knight   ~   Judy Knight   ~   Phyllis A. Douglas
Jeannette E. Smith   ~   Glenna M. Baugh   ~   James Sanders
Antoinette Mangano   ~   Judy N. Marquart   ~   Sally Matheson
Joanne Lowe   ~   Pearlie Duncan Walker   ~   Carolyn Nored Lequieu
Robert F. Dotson   ~   Luann Bolinger   ~   Sarah Berthelson
Delores Adams   ~   Dot McEntire

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