Wisdom's Key ~ Luann Bolinger
Christmas... ~ Shirley J. Oremland Smith
I Always Knew ~ Kathryn Sunday Davis
Knowing The Enemies ~ Geraldine Petrone
Thanksgiving To God ~ Bernice Ward
Every Season Has A Reason ~ Judy N. Marquart
Tis Thanksgiving ~ Carol D. Meeks
Days Of Old ~ Kathy Loun Stilley
Heaven's Jubilee ~ Lorene Davis
Stained Glass Window ~ Lorene Davis
Late November ~ E.H. Coe
Santa Keeps Following Me ~ M. Doris Fuller
Deer By The River ~ Bernice Ward
Merry Christmas To Our Soldiers ~ Judy Knight
Think Before You Drink ~ Luann Bolinger
Christmas Memories ~ Jack Young
One Great Lady! ~ Charles W. Hill
The Perfect Song ~ Charles W. Hill
Company A ~ Geraldine Petrone
Hanukkah ~ Geraldine Petrone
Jesus Is The Reason ~ Judy Knight
Winter Poems ~ Annette Nasser
Spirit Of Christmas ~ Annette Nasser
Christmas Floral Dance ~ Annette Nasser
Thank You, Lord ~ Judy Knight
Father, A Tear Fell ~ Sarah Berthelson
Longing To Belong ~ Jane Ward Smith
Please Meet Me Half Way ~ G. Barry
Mama's Kitchen ~ Charlotte Anselmo
Why Is Jesus The Only Way? ~ Chris Hansen
A Tribute To Rachel ~ Geraldine Petrone
Bring Back The Springtime ~ Lydia Haga
Sunshine Friend ~ Jane Ellen Slone
A Prayer Of Thanks ~ Carol D. Meeks
Just My Name Upon This Stone ~ G. Barry
Little Angels In The Snow ~ Sally Matheson
Back In Time ~ Andrea/Kentucky_Lady4
The Green Door ~ Anne M. Byam
Baggy Pants ~ Charles W. Hill
Damaris ~ Geraldine Petrone
Rose Chapel Church ~ Jerry Soyka
I Need A Friend ~ Charles W. Hill
He Gave Her Red Roses ~ Doris Fuller
God ~ E.H. Coe
Easter Blessings ~ Carol Dee Meeks
Celebrate, Rejoice ~ Geraldine Petrone
Lord, Protect Me ~ Melva
Kathleen ~ Geraldine Petrone
The Return Of Spring ~ Jane Ellen Slone
Traces ~ Shirley (Shy) Barr
By The Seashore ~ Pearlie Duncan Walker
Herald A New Day ~ Geraldine Petrone
In His Light ~ Glenna Baugh
Life And Roses ~ Eddie aka Dark Blue Knight
Nowhere Path ~ Betty C. Daniels
Candle Glow ~ Glenna Baugh
Help Me To Be Like Jesus ~ Marilyn Ferguson
Christmas Traditions ~ Jane Ward Smith
Life Of A Coal Miner ~ Allen Huddleston
Lost Soul ~ Allen Huddleston
My Two Best Friends ~ Gerald Powell
My Granddaddy ~ Gerald Powell
America, My Country ~ Geraldine Petrone
New Life ~ Jack Young
Mojave Cross ~ Joan Clifton Costner
Lord, Shed Your Mercy ~ Geraldine Petrone
My Ancestral Home ~ Carol G. Oliver
His Presence ~ Geraldine Petrone
Faith Still Moves Mountains ~ Charles "Monk" Sanders
Recipe For Love ~ Charles "Monk" Sanders
Mennonites ~ Geraldine Petrone
Good Food For The Soul ~ Jim Lake
Autumn On The Farm ~ Jack Young
My Guiding Light ~ Melva
When Is He Coming? ~ Joan Clifton Costner
A Palm Tree Christian ~ Bernice Ward
The Sea Of Life ~ Sal Grippaldi
The Old Home Place ~ Robert F. Dotson
When My Life ~ Bernice Ward
The Worst Day Of The Rest Of My Life ~ William H. McCoy, Jr.
My Lucky Day ~ Doris Fuller
At Calvary ~ Chick Velasco

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