After The Cataracts Are Gone ~ Betty Jo Mings
A Christmas Remembrance ~ Betty Jo Mings
When Night Is Fallen ~ Helen Hummel
The House On The Hill ~ Helen Hummel
You Can't Go Home Again ~ Melva
The Sounds Of Christmas ~ Shirley Barr
Christmas, Then and Now ~ Robert F. Dotson
What Will I Do Today? ~ Mr. Doug
Dear Lord ~ Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
Doughnut Make Sense? ~ C.C.
Send Down An Angel ~ Wolfgang Hummel
Those Were The Days ~ Wolfgang Hummel
The Real Christmas ~ Jack Young
When Christmas Finds You... ~ Roger E. Corell
Blue Christmas ~ Karen Payne
All I Want...For Christmas... ~ Brenda Conley
Holidays A-Coming ~ Mr. Doug
The Night Before Christmas ~ Joyce C. Lock
Shepherd Boys ~ Carol Dee Meeks
Happy Birthday, Jesus ~ Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
Remembering ~ Anne N. Byam
The Rose Garden ~ Anne N. Byam
Our Boys Are Coming... ~ Joan Clifton Costner
No Christmas In Our Town ~ Betty Jo Mings
Life's Road ~ Jane Ward Smith
Hugs From Grandma ~ Jane Ward Smith
The Wind In Winter ~ Lora Cox
The Wonder Of Spring ~ Vickie Lambdin
In Whatever Cirumstance ~ Mariane Holbrook
Woman In The Mirror ~ Carrie Robison
A Christmas Memory ~ Carol Gough Lust
The Gift Wrapping Can Wait ~ Carol Gough Lust
Red Rose ~ Sondra McPherson
Mama's Christmas... ~ Pearlie Duncan Walker
The Red Barn ~ Southbreeze
A Love Such As This ~ Deanna L. Collins
Being In Love~ Deanna L. Collins
Tears Still Fall~ Diane L. Christopher
Mother And Daughter ~ Philip D. Christopher
Through Eyes Of Love ~ Philip D. Christopher
I Dream Of Thinness ~ Roger Eugene Corel
Angels Here On Earth ~ Ann Hart
Sing Unto The Lord ~ Monique Nicole Fox
The Bridge ~ Fran G.
Sunrise ~ Katherine M. Parisse
The Four Boxes ~ Loree (Mason) O'Neil
The Candle ~ Whisper
Companionship ~ Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Remember Grandpa ~ Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Wisdom ~ Roger Eugene Corell
Wondrous Love ~ Jane Ellen Slone
Little Miracles ~ Jane Ellen Slone
Season For Memories ~ Marilyn Ferguson
The Words In Your Eyes ~ Gayle Davis
The Youthful Journey Of Childhood Dreams ~ G. Barry
The Wedding Poem ~ G. Barry
Somewhere Over The Rainbow ~ G. Barry
Try Praying ~ Jack Young
God's Splendor ~ Carol Barton
The Beginning ~ Anne N. Byam
Loving And Missing You ~ Mary Anne Eiden
Standing At The Crossroads ~ Chick Velasco
My Big Ol' Truck ~ Chick Velasco
When Life Was Simple And Good ~ Ziplo
Woman ~ Philip D. Christopher
The Risen Lord ~ Jim Lake
Mammogram ~ Sarah Berthelson
Legend Of The Dogwood ~ Author Unknown
Heart Of Spring ~ Mary Carter Mizrany
Remembering The Sparrow ~ Mary Carter Mizrany
Nature's Stage ~ Annette Nasser
For You ~ Annette Nasser
Sunny April Days ~ Chick Velasco
House On The Hill ~ Brenda Sparkman
The Morning ~ Joyce Gale
Memories ~ James O'Brien
Ah, Spring Is Here! ~ Robert F. Dotson
Take This Hand ~ Jimmy Carden
Mother Nature (A Sonnet) ~ Annette Nasser
Cold, Dark Street ~ Wolfgang Hummel
True Love For You ~ Carol Gough Lust
I'm Learning ~ Marie Williams
My Toddler ~ Catherine Turner-Joll
The Road Less Traveled ~ StinaLisa
Grandpa's House ~ Charlotte Anselmo
One Little Rose ~ Author Unknown
Fulfillment ~ Delores Adams
Reflections ~ Delores Adams
After All These Years ~ Judy Knight
Our Precious Mothers ~ Judy Knight
Message To Mother For Mother's Day ~ Jack Young
In Memory Of Mom ~ Diane L. Christopher
Grandson ~ Judy Knight
My Constant Companion ~ Jim Lake
The Garden Path ~ Glenna Baugh
At Twilight Time ~ Fran G.
Mommy, I Wonder... ~ Carrie Robison
Looking Back ~ Helen Hummel
A Helping Hand - A Willing Hand ~ Val Ekholm
The Barn Yard Party ~ Sandra Griffin

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