Grandpa's Door ~ Sandra Lewis Pringle
I Want You To Know ~ Sandra Lewis Pringle
Little Fingerprints ~ Ruth Ann Mahaffey
Seasons Change ~ Francine Pucillo
Listening In The Quietness ~ Doreen Adams Ellis
Autumn ~ Doreen Adams Ellis
Perhaps ~ Kathy Lowry
Christ Is The Answer ~ Kathy Lowry
Mama Said ~ Southbreeze
Second Time Around ~ Southbreeze
Growing Up ~ Ziplo
A Friendship True ~ StinaLisa
Autumn's Beauty ~ TinasHeart
God's Peace In The Mountains ~ Marian Jones
Always With You ~ Marian Jones
The Purpose Of Leaves ~ Mr. Doug
The Old Wishing Well ~ Mr. Doug
Our Mighty Eagles Soar ~ Pearlie Duncan Walker
Childhood Memories ~ Jack Young
One More Tear To Go ~ Ann Hart
Hair ~ Betty C. Daniels
Arise, My Angel ~ Betty C. Daniels
Happy ~ Sandra Lewis Pringle
Grandmothers ~ Author Unknown
My Garden ~ Whisper
The Mask ~ Whisper
I Love You Because ~ Vickie Lambdin
The Lonely Road Of Sin ~ Vickie Lambdin
The Reunion ~ Charlotte Anselmo
Hugs From Heaven ~ Charlotte Anselmo
A Wonderful Day ~ Fran G.
Doors Of Our Memories ~ Kentucky_Lady4
My Church~ Shirley J. Oremland
The Waterfall ~ Shirley J. Oremland
My Garden ~ Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
A New Frontier ~ Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
Yet My Friend ~ Roger Eugene Corell
True Beauty Is Eternal ~ Roger Eugene Corell
Crossroads ~ Marian Jones
I Remember When... ~ Melva
A Morning Prayer ~ Lora Cox
Gettin' Too Old ~ Cheryl McCoy Pender
Can't Take It Anymore ~ Carol Barton
Spring Of Love ~ Carol Barton
Cherish The Memories ~ Joyce C. Lock
The Rose ~ Joyce C. Lock
A Winter Stroll ~ Katherine M. Parisse
Dawn's True Beauty ~ Katherine M. Parisse
An Old Wagon ~ Gayle Davis
The Ballad Of Bill McCoy ~ Cheryl McCoy Pender
Those Watermelon Days ~ Brenda Conley
Share In Your Harvest ~ Brenda Conley
Winter Tranquility ~ Carrie Robison
The Old Homeplace ~ Carrie Robison
Walking Into Light ~ Maria Lindberg
Winter Magic ~ Maria Lindberg
Autumn Scenes ~ Vickie Lambdin
Kaleidoscope ~ Judith Johnson Kypta
Window Of Yesterday ~ Marilyn Ferguson
Seasons Change ~ M. Doris Fuller
Remembering My Grandma ~ M. Doris Fuller
Autumn ~ Ralph L. Clark
A Farm Family ~ Ralph L. Clark
Thanksgiving Joys ~ Sondra McPherson
The Covered Door ~ Joan Adams Burchell
My Memories ~ Gloria Martel
Home Sweet Home ~ Marie Williams
The Learning Tree ~ Brenda Sparkman
Winter Snow ~ Brenda Sparkman
Remembering Radio ~ C.C.
Pathways ~ C.C.
Dreams Of A Child ~ Val Ekholm
Autumn Is... ~ Val Ekholm
The Fireplace and Firewood ~ E.H.Coe
Thanksgiving Prayer and Thanksgiving ~ E.H.Coe
Jesus And I Welcome You ~ Virginia (Ginny) Bryant
A Tribute To Sunny ~ Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
In The Attic ~ Sandra Griffin
Grandma's Specialty ~ Sandra Griffin
Old Mill Stream ~ Joyce Ann Geyer
Reflections Of Time ~ Joyce Ann Geyer
A Fool For God ~ Carol Dee Meeks
Conquering Pride With Grace ~ Carol Dee Meeks
Have A Thankful Thanksgiving ~ Sarah Berthelson
Wounded, Not Broken ~ Sarah Berthelson
Leave A Good Mark ~ Ellie Braun-Haley
Blessings and More Blessings ~ Jack Young
A Soldier's Thanksgiving ~ Mariane Holbrook
Happy Lazy Thanksgiving ~ Mariane Holbrook
Delicate Pink ~ Shirley Barr
Thanksgiving Harvest ~ Sandra Lewis Pringle
The Thanksgiving Wish ~ Doreen Adams Ellis
Hello Lord!!! ~ Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
Lady Winter ~ Kathryn Sunday Davis
My Heart Remembers ~ Kathryn Sunday Davis
Daddy With Hands Of Iron ~ Chris Hansen
Why I Believe ~ Chris Hansen
The Bleeding Heart ~ Sal Grippaldi
Sea Breeze ~ Sal Grippaldi
God's Blessings ~ Joyce Gale
Wonder ~ Joyce Gale
Doing The Right Job ~ Glenna M. Baugh
The Love Of God Is Real ~ Glenna M. Baugh
The Things We Do And Say ~ Glenna M. Baugh
November Winds ~ Marilyn Ferguson
Christmas Remembered ~ Southbreeze
Horizons Of Hope ~ Jim Lake
The Tree House... Reflections ~ Sal Grippaldi
Harvest In The Fields ~ Jo Ann Kelly
A Heart Of Compassion ~ Jo Ann Kelly
In Times Like These ~ Sandra Lewis Pringle
Remembering ~ E.H. Coe
Our Magic Tree... ~ Maria Lindberg
Crimson Rose ~ Kathy Loun Stilley
Home For Christmas ~ M. Doris Fuller
My Mother's Kitchen ~ Jack Young
Teach Me To Pray ~ Kathy Lowry
What Is A Blessing? ~ Monique Nicole Fox
I Once Was ~ Monique Nicole Fox
Christmas Morning ~ Marian Jones
With A Shout ~ Judith Johnson Kypta
Did I? ~ Kenneth J. Ellison
Joy To The World ~ Bernice Ward
Glory Of Autumn ~ Betty C. Daniels
My Twilight Years ~ Gloria Martel
Roadside Flowers ~ Ann Hart
Until You Return ~ Francine Pucillo
More Whipped Cream ~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
My Christian Duty ~ Sarah Berthelson
A Train Whistle Blows ~ Ralph L. Clark

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