Garden of Prayer ~ Don Cagle
Intertwined ~ Melva
Fleeting Thoughts ~ Shirley Barr
You, The Night, The Music ~ Sondra McPherson
Two Little Kittens ~ Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
Life and Roses ~ Dark Blue Knight
Heaven Scent ~ Karen Payne
Why Not Today?? ~ Kentucky_Lady4
A Glimpse Into The Past ~ Gayle Davis
Pleading Savior ~ Marie Williams
Cats ~ Delilah M. (Dede) Haas
The Barefoot Boy ~ Robert F. Dotson
Pastime ~ Joan Clifton Costner
Lasting Love ~ Gayle Davis
Wintry Winds ~ Gloria Martel
Yesterday ~ Joan Clifton Costner
Golden Years ~ Gloria Martel
My Valley Days ~ Ann Hart
Walking In The Footprints Of Jesus ~ Ann Hart
The Good Times ~ Kenneth & Ardelle Ellison
The Family Bible ~ Kenneth J. Ellison
Memories Of The Old Front Porch ~ Bernice Ward
Good Morning ~ Bernice Ward
How Beautiful Our Country ~ Pearlie Duncan Walker
Honey Bee Morning ~ Pearlie Duncan Walker
Just A Breath Away ~ Marilyn Ferguson
Old Jim Died Today ~ Marilyn Ferguson
The Gate ~ Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Foolish Old Lady ~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Cowboy Joe ~ Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Poetry, Music And Art ~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Portals Of Heaven ~ Joan Clifton Costner
In My Weakness ~ Joan Clifton Costner
Matinees In The Garden ~ Joan Adams Burchell
Don't Forget ~ Joan Adams Burchell
Thoughts Of Love ~ Melva
Love Blooms No More ~ Gayle Davis
The Little Country Church ~ Kentucky_Lady4
Just Someone I Used To Know ~ Ruth Ann Mahaffey
To My Children ~ Ruth Ann Mahaffey
Through Camera's Lens ~ James O'Brien
Cabin's Heart ~ James O'Brien
Butterfly Kiss ~ Donna J. Kramer
Rainy Days ~ Donna J. Kramer
Seasons Change ~ Jimmy Carden aka JCShrimp
Little Sister ~ Thomas E. Kittrell
I Sought a Mountain Top ~ Thomas E. Kittrell
Among The Blossoms ~ Francine Pucillo
Sing A Song Of God's Love ~ Francine Pucillo
Rosie ~ Catherine Turner-Joll
Lady In Waiting ~ Catherine Turner-Joll
Pressing Toward The Mark ~ Jim Lake
Catch A Glimpse Of God ~ Jim Lake
They Lie On The Table Side By Side ~ Unknown
Ode To My Newborn Son ~ Michael F. Pratt, MD
In Memoriam ~ Michael F. Pratt, MD
I Talked About You ~ Jack Young
The Jesus Test ~ Jack Young
Grandma's Quilts~ Unknown
Coming In A Cloud ~ Pearlie Duncan Walker
Can't Wait To Meet You In Heaven ~ Ann Hart
The Tears I Shed ~ Gloria Martel
Yesterday's Memories - Revisiting The Past ~ *Ziplo*
Sisters Side By Side ~ StinaLisa ~
My Treasures ~ Lora Cox
I Get To Missin' ~ Lora Cox
The Midnight Hue ~ Pearlie Duncan Walker
Just One More Time ~ Karen Payne
At Twilight Time ~ Fran G.
Autumn Blessings ~ Fran G.
Real Peace ~ Bernice Ward
My Rose ~ Bernice Ward
The Miracle Of Spring ~ Shirley Barr
Petals And Pearls ~ Sondra McPherson
Glory Of Autumn ~ Betty C. Daniels
Almighty ~ Betty C. Daniels
A Friend Like You ~ TinasHeart
The Springtime Of Our Love ~ TinasHeart
This Old House ~ Gayle Davis
Loneliness ~ Donna J. Kramer
God's Special Gift ~ Marie Williams
Autumn Glory ~ Marilyn Ferguson
Circle Of Poverty ~ Kenneth J. Ellison
Our Magic Moments ~ Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Family Bible ~ Ginny Bryant
Over The Hill ~ Ginny Bryant
Why? ~ Dark Blue Knight
A New Friend ~ Jack Young
God's Valentine ~ Joan Adams Burchell
My Bench At The Beach ~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Just Let It Go ~ James O'Brien
God's Greatest Gift Of All ~ Jim Lake
Oh, What A Friend! ~ Robert F. Dotson
A Quiet Place ~ Jack Young
The Silence Of My Soul ~ Judith Johnson Kypta
Reminiscing ~ Judith Johnson Kypta
Fragile Flowers ~ Kathy Loun Stilley
Standing On Heaven's Edge ~ Kathy Loun Stilley
I Keep Looking For You ~ Mariane Holbrook
Grandma's Farm ~ Mariane Holbrook


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