Some time ago, I began to write my most inner feelings to the one person I know who could understand my fears and sorrows. Jesus my Lord. I started each poem with "Dear Lord." I do carry on conversations with the Lord and when one of my friends for over 50 years read them, she encouraged me to put them in print. I had thought about it but didn't know how they would be accepted. Some of them have been printed on Herald A New Day and have been very well received. Kathleen and Melva both encouraged me and, voila, here we are. I have had a lot of things happen to me that I was forewarned about.

I have been near death's door several times but always managed to escape. I had a serious fall that left me with seizures (they are fully controlled.) I am a diabetic but also have that under control. This last episode with cancer really got my attention for in all my years of nursing I have been involved with Surgical Oncology giving chemo (etc)and now I am the patient.

I do hope you enjoy this series of poems. Please contact me by clicking on my name below and let me know what you think.


Dear Lord... This Is Cali Again
Dear Lord... Hello, Lord!!!
Dear Lord... Cali Here
Dear Lord... Good Morning
Dear Lord... Night Time Prayer
Dear Lord... Hi, God, This Is Cali Again
Dear Lord... Center Of My World
Dear Lord... Seasons Of Life
Dear Lord... For The Family
Dear Lord... Why is it...?
Dear Lord... Memories
Dear Lord... Just For You, Lord
Dear Lord... Thank You, Dear Lord
Dear Lord... Lost Moments
Dear Lord... An Easter Blessing
Dear Lord... My Faith In You
Dear Lord... Last Night, Her Daddy Died
Dear Lord... A Tribute To Estelle
Dear Lord... What Does...Easter Mean?
Dear Lord... A Little Hard To Handle
Dear Lord... Farewell, Little Sister
Dear Lord... Time For Reflection
Dear Lord... The Crossing Guard
Dear Lord... The Answer
Dear Lord... The End At Last
Dear Lord... In Your Loving Hands
Dear Lord... The Christmas We Thought...
Dear Lord... I Believe In The Magic...
Dear Lord... Please Hear Me, Lord
Dear Lord... Please Hear My Prayer

Carol G.
Carol G. "Cali" Oliver
December 26, 1933 ~ August 21, 2011
Sleep well, my friend.

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