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Dr; Karen Clark
Sweet Max! He will be missed; He was a lucky boy to have had such loving people;
Wednesday ,June 27,2018 -17:05:22 - Crossroads Veterinary Hospital, Woodstock, GA
Jane W; Smith
I loved your poem which seemed a lot like our when I was growing up; Jane
Sunday ,July 23,2017 -22:40:12 - Brewton , Al;
arlene domanico
Sunday ,December 4,2016 -18:51:04 - VA
Ellie Braun-Haley
This is a lovely site with so much to look at!
Thursday ,September 22,2016 -21:40:01 - Mexico
Ester Daniels Fritzsche
Sad but so beautiful grandma, I miss you;
Friday ,August 28,2015 -09:35:48 - Holiday, Florida
James Sanders
Kathleen How are you doing? Are you still Writing?
Thursday ,August 6,2015 -12:58:08 - Rutledge, TN;
Lois Young
Your poem of remembering mother, is a priceless work, and I thank you so much Kathy for the work you have put into this; I am just not sure how I could have missed the poem the first time I was through here; I will read it often; Now that I know where it is;
Friday ,June 26,2015 -17:19:03 - Fort Myers, Florida33919
Jane Ward Smith
Today I was deleting old email and found "I Need You Lord" which you shared last year; I am saying that now, too; New Years Day my 46 year old son passed away suddenly with a masive heart attack; My grief is overpowering from my loss; I woke that morning with high hope and great expectations for the year and a few hours later got the devastating news leaving me with a boken heart; So, I raise my plea "Lord I Need you, now! I know God answered your plea because I recieved a new mailing from you; I am thankful God does hear and answers our prayer; God bless you dear one; Love, Jane
Thursday ,February 26,2015 -17:24:48 - Brewton, Al
Jan Hall Morgan
just beautiful
Saturday ,February 14,2015 -19:46:26
I thought I was going to read about when we rocked and rolled; What a surprise to see the rocking chair; Very touching poem, albeit sad; Like you my own poems speak of my realities and in a way, it is comforting to know that I am not alone in the mixed emotions in this period of my life; God bless you for sharing your feelings and talents;
Wednesday ,July 30,2014 -12:56:01 - USA
Doris Fuller
Beautiful poem web page!!
Friday ,July 25,2014 -21:17:19 - Texas USA
Jane Ward Smith
Good morning sweet Kathleen; My heart was touched by "Family Reunion" because like you so many of my family members have gone to their reward and their faces no longer I see except in my memory; I am so happy to see you putting out newsletters; I enjoy them so much; God bless you; :-) Jane
Tuesday ,July 1,2014 -09:10:16 - Brewton, Al;
Jane Ward Smith
"My Lucky Day" put a smile on my face; I love the beautiful graphics and music which accompany the writings; God bless you and have a wonderful day at Herald A New Day; Thanks for sharing; :-) Jane
Tuesday ,July 1,2014 -09:20:17 - Brewton, Al

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