This time last month, it hadn't entered my mind that I would want to have a website, much less be able to build one. I've learned a lot these past three weeks and now have a place to showcase my poetry in addition to all the other features we have planned for the site.

I am blessed with two sons, a daughter-in-law and three wonderful grandchildren ~ two boys and a girl. I spend a lot of time at the computer and began seriously writing poetry less than two years ago. I like to learn new things and this site has been a real challenge for me. Jan, Rocky and I will continue to expand our horizons and make this a site that we can be proud of and one that people will be interested in visiting often.



Hi! I'm Jan Hall Morgan and I'm at the greatest age of my life ~ an age when you realize nothing in life is as important as your faith, your family and your friends. I have lived in Georgia most of my life and am blessed with two loving and precious, grown daughters.

I love to travel and do so at every opportunity. My older daughter and I are taking a long road trip later this month and I'm really looking forward to it. Give me the open road and I'm a happy woman.

My main contribution to Herald A New Day will be on the Letters From Home page and I hope you'll visit me there often.


I'm Rocky and I kind of got drafted into contributing to this site by my mom. Of course, she knows what a great cook I am as she has tasted the fruits of my labors over the stove and the grill. I learned to cook out of necessity and, if I do say so myself, I'm the best cook I know...well, except for mom.

I'm an engineer by trade and a softball player by my love of the sport. My brother and I manage and coach several teams in the Atlanta area.

I have two pets; they are Labradors named Cap (Capernicus) and Sally - named for "Mustang Sally." In addition to being good watch dogs, they are loving and very well trained ~ thanks to me. As soon as I get the time, I will be posting some of my favorite recipes. I have to say that my "Hang 'em High" chili is the best ever! I experimented with the recipe until I got it just right. My potato salad isn't bad either. Now, I've gone and made myself hungry. See y'all in Rocky's Kitchen.

Hey Good Lookin'
Midi Picking by Harry Todd
Sequenced by Harry Todd
Used with Permission

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