Art © George Kovach

Santa started out early in the morning, He was checking the list without warning. For the toys and gifts all were marked with care. He was making sure each name was there. He didn't want any children to be sad, Especially, the good ones who had not been bad. It would be a terrible oversight if even just one. Found Christmas morning to be lacking some. He knew the Mothers had made cookies for him. With a cup of milk filled to the brim. He looked around at his proud elves, For they had everything placed on the shelves. The bags to be filled were waiting on the floor. That act was about the last final chore, So with reindeer hitched and ready to go. Santa started out with a Tally Ho Ho!! He started off the sleigh filled to the brim. There was hardly enough room for him. This was truly a wonderful time of year When He got to spread so much good cheer. ©Carol G Oliver Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail If you wish to use Cali's poem, please contact her for permission. share

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Holly, Jolly Christmas
Sequenced by Don Carroll

Art © George KovachSapphire Designs