It's the wee hours of the morning And I'm sitting here all bug-eyed Not wanting to leave my computer So my brain is just about fried There's a load of clothes in the dryer That should be hung and put away But, I'm listening to Forensic Files And there are bills I need to pay I started gathering up the garbage 'Cause tomorrow it goes to the curb Then I tried to find out why the DVR Only recorded a short, little blurb Along about then, I got hungry But I had to check my glucose first I got sidetracked and read my email Before long, I was really immersed I decided to work on some mending That I'd started one day last week But I ended up cleaning out files instead And worked up a whole blue streak Finally, my stomach started growling And my sugar still hadn't been checked While I was fixing a sandwich, I saw The poor kitchen was fraught with neglect The tablecloth boasted a coffee stain And the cupboards sure needed cleaning Looking around at the disarray My ambition quickly lost its meaning There were TVs on in three different rooms And I still hadn't taken my shower I decided to watch Law & Order first Then take my bath in about an hour I had my washcloth and towel all ready When a Frasier rerun came on So I put off my shower a little while longer By one o'clock, I had started to yawn When I was clean all under and smelling good I thought I'd finish that Scrabble™ game I started And swig down a can of Diet Dr. Pepper So, back to my computer I darted Guess I'd better give in and get some shut-eye 'Cause tomorrow, I have errands in town But I feel like I get more accomplished When I'm at home just fuddlin' around Kathleen McCoy EldridgeŠ March 13, 2007 All Rights Reserved Title Suggested by Rocky McCoy Send this site to a friend!


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