She was a lady cougar on the prowl. You could tell by the distinctive howl. She sauntered back and forth. First south, west and north. She looked at every eligible male pup. Her gaze was down, and then she looked up. There he stood proud and serene. Their eyes met and she felt like a queen. She felt a tingle down to her toes. Her spine suddenly froze, She felt like silly little kid. She even giggled heaven forbid. She had never known this kind of joy. Of course she had never seen this kind of boy. He stood over six feet tall and was not full-grown. He was the most beautiful creature she had known. It was then his mother let her displeasure be known. It was obvious she wanted him to associate with his own. After all cougars were nice to have around. As long as they stayed for protection, she found. But the day that giraffes and cougar mingled. There would never be a day they commingled. So without further resistant the lady cougar, Realized her attentions made her a loser. She went into the jungle downcast from her defeat. Thinking to herself that a cougar and giraffe would be neat. But as far back as time goes it has always been two by two. I guess the big guy upstairs is the one who really knew. He didn't want anything of his to be ridiculous. After all everything is laid so meticulous. He would not want a lady cougar to upset his creation. This would be total and complete degradation. ©Carol G Oliver September 15, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail If you wish to use Cali's poem, please contact her for permission. share


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