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Even in the darkest night God's light shines When things aren't going right His light shines When we have lost our way God's light shines It is with us night and day His light shines From the sun and stars above God's light shines To guide us gently with his love His light shines Like a bright beacon in the sky God's light shines It's dries teardrops from our eyes His light shines If we will follow where he leads God's light shines He will provide for all our needs His light shines We must never ever forget God's light shines The son he sent is with us yet His light shines Thank you Lord for your light That shows the way to Heaven ©Jack Young June 7, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Jack was kind enough to write this poem especially for this graphic set. If you wish to use the poem, please contact him.


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