I have heard of separate summer vacations. Does that mean only according to locations? Yea the old man gives up his suit for the pool. But does that mean wifey becomes a mule? How long does this torture last? Looks like kids are having a blast. What happened to the family trip? When did Dad give up the ship? Looks like everyone is relaxing and having fun. Except for Mom who slaves under the sun, Better watch out she's giving a dirty look. I think she would rather be the family cook. Even the little doggie keeps his distance. He'll stay on the steps to maintain existence. Those poor flowers don't have a chance. They'll curl up at the woman's glance. Well summer vacation is not all it's cracked to be It can be a pain you just wait and see. I think I would rather stay far away, At least keeping at work will save the day. ©Carol G Oliver July 21, 2010 All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail If you wish to use Cali's poem, please contact her for permission. share

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