God smiled on me when he brought you into my life. He showered me with graces when I became your wife. Your glorious love brought a sense of tranquility. That measured hope in all fashions of stability. Our life together cemented throughout the years. We weathered the storms of life's valley of tears. And have survived the loss of many we cherish, There were times when it seemed we would perish. We watched as our children grew in the Lord. And they were given all that we could afford. When they were grown and gone from home. We went with our church and visited Rome. The magnificent eternal city of Christian concern. Where once you visit you are bound to return. Our time there was so brief that much was missed. We hoped to return to pledge our vows while we kissed. Can you fathom the fact that forty-eight years have passed? These years we have had are like a dream unsurpassed. Our love has been blessed by our Lord and Savior, With devotion we have gained his unyielding favor. You have been an answer to my fervent prayer. Your supreme tenderness has shown you care. If, through God we continue to share our lives. We'll be in Rome when our golden year arrives. ©Carol G. (Cali) Oliver July 27, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail If you wish to use Cali's poem, please contact her for permission. share

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