Weiser's Little Church in the Trees Childhood memories came flooding to my mind. When I saw the church I had left behind. A picturesque vision of yesterday, Was conjured up in the strangest way. I recalled how on many Sunday Mornings. The Pastor preached a stern Godlike warning. It was then as a child I learned to say prayers. I chose to help the elderly descend the stairs. This was the place I established a foundation. And my faith in the Lord was given formation. I had not been home for over 35 years. Some of the changes brought me to tears. All those people who gave my life purpose, Were now gone to their final repose. I was left with shattered memories, Of the church in the beautiful trees. The most distinct remembrance I could recall. Was that is where I first answered my Lord's call. His love and teaching have made my life worthwhile. And because of His grace I have been versatile. Jesus has been my guide, companion and friend. I know I can depend upon him to the very end. Life's lessons were taught with expertise, In the lovely little church in the trees. ©Carol G Oliver July 23, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail This poem was written especially for this set. If you wish to use Cali's poem, please contact her for permisson. share

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