It was just the country road of my childhood. Where life's lessons were understood. The old man and I walked the full length. This was how we gained our strength. The most amazing things about our treks. Were the animals, crops, and farm objects. But in the late afternoon there was a hush. As the sun descended into a hazy blush. I loved the soft dirt as it swished between my toes. I felt the warm summer wind as it tickled my nose. Uncle Hayes and I walked along barely saying a word. This when all of nature’s voices could be heard. The last time I went home to Idaho it sure changed. The farmhouse was gone and things all rearranged. The soft dirt roads I loved so much were paved. For progress country life seemed to be waived. My grandparents and Uncle Hayes were gone. They must be with God facing a new dawn. Gone were the sugar beet fields with rotating sprinklers. No longer did they plow and plant the many acres. For years this road served as an artery to feed the farms Where the hay wagons pulled by horses added so much charm Now I know what they mean by "You can never go home." Things you treasured live on in your memories alone. ©Carol G Oliver August 7, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Website Mail If you wish to use Cali's poem, please contact her for permission. share

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