Joy is knowing We are in Jesus' care And if we need Him He always is there Joy is believing With all of our heart That Jesus' sweet love Will never depart Joy is His presence And knowing he's there Hearing and heeding Our every prayer Joy is the promises Written in His book And the assurance When we take a look Joy is our loved ones That we hold so dear Reaching out for us And drawing us near Joy is the sharing Of the Lord's love for all And watching someone come Forward at the altar call Joy is eternal To those who believe Endless the blessings That we all receive Joy is a feeling That we should all share To let people know That we really do care Joy is the promise He will come back some day To take us to Heaven Forever there to stay There really is nothing More wonderful than joy So live it, be grateful Then sit back and enjoy ©Jack Young March 31, 2010 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail If you wish to use Jack's poem, please contact him for permission. share

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