I've been blessed in my life, with three kids, and a good wife
All my children turned out Okay; I thank God for that today

There comes a time for everyone, when life ceases to be fun
We get old and worn out, have trouble moving about

I don't travel, just stay home, on this journey I'm alone
No one seems to understand; I've become an old man

I'm not the man I used to be; I have problems you can't see
I still want to go and do, but I'm not young as you

In my heart I'd like to do, all the things you want me to
I hope you understand; I'm still your old man

Some day soon I'll be gone, you'll be left here alone
In time you'll understand, what it's like to be an old man

When you do think of me, then I hope you'll see
I've always tried to do my best, now it's time for me to rest

I get sick from time to time, but I still have my mind
Please accept me like I am, I'm still your old man

Yell, "I'm still your old man"

© James Sanders
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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