Younger Sister
I grew up in the country
No neighbors for miles
A life of heartaches, and disappointments
No reason for smiles


Times were tough I don't deny
But we had enough we got by
The recession ended
The crops came in

No need to diet
Our bodies were thin
I wrote a few poems, and a song or two
As soon as I got home from school


I was half asleep
When the doorbell ring
The song I wrote
I was trying to sing


It was the younger sister
That moved in next door
They had five girls
I was lonely no more


The one my age had eyes for me
She wasn't my choice it was not to be
Her younger sister stole my heart
We loved each other from the start


As I look back on my past life
Where would I be without my wife?
Probably dead or in some jail
If the younger sister 
Didn't ring my bell

©James Sanders
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author

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