I sit here alone the phone seldom rings Maybe its better that way, so I can think, as I gather up his things Hunting clothes, fishing gear, guns, knifes, camping supplies So many things for the yard sale, which used to be a part of you How will I price these things, most of them are new Just how much is a memory worth? Fifty years of marriage, and seventy years of life Now I'm a widow, I used to be his wife I hate to leave our home, but the choice is no longer mine The things you used to do, I could never find the time Time to get back to work, so many things that I must do Gathering things for the yard sale, but my mind is on you A metal detector, a gold pan, some old coins, and a camera we never used I wanted to take your picture, but as usual you refused Lawnmower, garden tools, they all look new Things I have to sell, they were a part of you All your old clothes, not worth very much I'd give them to your old friends, but we've lost touch Your fifty-seven Chevy, Oh how you loved that old car I'd love to keep it, and your guitar Its just more stuff for the yard sale, bought a long time ago Except for the memories you left me, everything else must go What I thought I could not live without somehow I do ©James Sanders Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail









Long, Long Ago
Sequenced by Lorinda Jones
Backyard Music