He was a simple man, just trying to survive Now it's too late to say thanks, to a man no longer alive He gave us food to eat and clothes on our backs A house with a worm bed, located just across the tracks It wasn't anything fancy, just four rooms he built by hand We never gave him praise or credit no "I love you" for this man My dad died at the age of seventy-five And I never told him that I loved him At least, not while he was alive Today I went back, to the place where I used to live But the old house was falling down; it had nothing more to give I was standing in the middle of the present and the past It brought back fond memories of a time that didn't last Suddenly I stepped inside of my mind, and I saw a boy I once knew I noticed as I looked him over he was looking me over too He said you're a man now it's time to move along But I longed to be that boy again, and I longed to be back home The front porch had fallen off, a broken window or two The front door was standing open, so I just walked on thru Some of the furniture was missing; the old place looked really bad Suddenly, I had the courage to say, I love you dad Then my mind begin to drift, back to a time of long ago Suddenly, I thought I heard my dad's voice Saying son "It's Too Late. You must let it go It's too late to make amends You can't change what's already done Don't carry a burden over the past Or your life will be no fun." I know it's too late to say I love you; to a man I miss a lot My dad never told me that he loved me, if he did, I forgot I still consider myself very lucky, at least my dad stayed around A lot of kids lost their dad, some deserted their family, some left town So I'll just go on with my life, till it comes to an end 'Cause I know my dad loved me, and I know, I loved him. I know it's too late for me, but it may not be for you So tell your dad how much you love him, because his days may be few. It's too late to say I love you; to a man I miss a lot. ©James Sanders Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

Thank you for allowing me to use the wonderful image of the barn, John!