This past Sunday morning a member of our Church Accused me of stealing; of course I was in shock Then he begin to explain Said I was taking the long hair from one side of my head Trying to cover the top and the other side He was right in his observation But he was too quick to judge Since he knew little about the reasons I was trying to keep what little hair I had left What he didn’t know was I recently finished my fourth cancer treatment Causing a lot of my hair to disappear I told him to look closer He then noticed a new crop of short hair Of course he was joking While making fun of my loss of hair But the damage of his words Left a scar only time will heal Deep down I know he was joking Too many of us are too quick to judge We are looking at outward appearance When we should be looking at the heart Why do we judge others? Is it to make ourselves look better? Does the loss of my hair make me less of a man? Does it change who I am? This incident helped me and opened my eyes Now I try to think before I speak ©James Sanders January 11, 2009 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail James 3:8 The tongue no man can tame It is an unruly evil Full of deadly poison