Artwork by Randy Souders

It was just a little store On the back streets of Williamson, West Virginia Thirty miles from Peter Creek where I used to live It's gone now it has nothing more to give Oh they had no fancy clothes No suits for the well to do They catered to poor folks You know people like me and you I remember back it was a long time ago I think it was 1946 or so It was my first visit to any town I was only ten years old you know The buildings were so big Some were three or four stories tall To me that was big Of course I was small They had Murphy's five and dime The prices were really cheap Penny candy, toys, and lots of other things For a nickel or dime You could take them home to keep But, Poor Man's Paradise Was the place that impressed me Y' they had more clothes Then I had ever seen I had seen other folks That dressed, and looked better then us But I was as happy with my hand me downs I would never complain or fuss Poor Man's Paradise has disappeared From the Streets of that small town Stores don't cater to poor folks Reckon they don't want us around There is a new store now it's called Goodwill That has heard the cry of the poor It has replaced "Poor Man's Paradise" Thank God I don't need them anymore But I do go to "Goodwill" from time to time Oh not to buy things of course But to take things It's my way of helping the poor ©James Sanders 2008 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

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Artist: Randy Souders

Graphics by Whisper