I am trying to build a home I've got a set of plans I want to build it out of love Not made with human hands Why build beneath the stars When fertile land lies just above I don't need a lot of money If I build a house of love I'll start with a good foundation I'll not build on sinking sand I'll use materials sent from God Not simple things of man I've asked God to help me I can't build this home alone Being human I'm just too weak But my God he is strong My house will last forever With my soul safe inside But how can I be happy? Unless my wife is by my side ©James Sanders 2006 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail


Mansion Over The Hilltop
Sequenced by Jim Taylor
Music of James K. Taylor
Cadenza Midi Diary

Original artwork:  "Streams of Living Water"
by Thomas Kinkade
(Derived from a scanned post card)