I always obeyed my dad, now he says to me "Get Out" It was the end of December, and it was very cold I was only fourteen when I heard those words Very immature, I was more like eleven years old What could I do? I didn't want to "Get Out" But it was his house, and he made the rules There was a big snow outside, and Since it was Sunday I was out of school My dad was a good man, but lately there was a change Oh he never beat me before, but now things weren't the same I continued to lay there, because I didn't want to go Little did I know the wheels of justice turn slow My mother said leave him alone He gave her a different kind of look Said to her this is my house I make the rules, and we go by the book Little did I know what he meant When he said we go by the book But I knew I was in trouble When he gave me the same look I stayed in bed, and fell back to sleep Suddenly off came the covers As a switch hit my back, and legs Dad said I told you to "Get Out" Of that bed, and get ready for Church I told you my dad had changed Since he got Religion, and followed the "Bible" book All of us had to "Get Out" Of bed on Sunday morning And go to Church ©James Sanders Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

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