Don't Gamble On Your Soul

How old are you, the young preacher said to me Well I'm eleven months, past seventy-three Why do you ask, I said to the lad If I died tonight, would you be sad Well you're not getting any younger, and you are old Yes I would be sad, because I care about your soul Don't you worry about dying, and where you will go Don't you care anything at all, about your lost soul? If Jesus came back for his church tonight Would you be ready, is your soul all right When they tell you about hell, do you think it's funny? Or do preachers just tell you that, to get all your money Do you think hell will be like a high school dance? Friend will you repent, while you still have a chance Do you even believe in "Jesus" or heaven and hell? Would you bet all you own, and your soul as well Friend if I'm right, and you are wrong You'll burn in hell, while the ages roll on And if I'm right, you'll have no where to turn While I'm in heaven, you'll be left here to burn All your loved one's, living here above Will comfort each other, with words of love They'll be unaware, of your sad plight Of your weeping and wailing, and eternal night When they put your body, down in the ground Your loved ones above, won't hear a sound There'll be no more sunsets, no mountains, and no streams Your ear's will be filled, with crying and screams Please don't say no, don't turn Jesus away Open up your heart, and let "Jesus" in today "Jesus" is coming, and it may not be long If you're a Christian, he'll take you home As long as you're alive, you still have time Don't wait till it's to late, to make up your mind Now you may be a gambler, and always win But you'll sure go to hell, if you die in your sins Then the preacher said, where will you sit in eternity Smoking or non-smoking ©James Sanders 2003 Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

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