I'm living in an orphanage It isn't really bad But I wonder what it's like To grow up with a mom and dad Is your dad your hero Does he make everything all right Does he read you a story And tuck you in at night I ask God to give me parents Every night and day Someone to adopt me And take me home to stay So if you're looking for a girl You can take home One who will love you And you can call your own I can fill those shoes When I grow up And have babies of my own One thing I'll make sure of They'll have a home They may not have much money But they'll sure have love Because love is the one thing I have plenty of So if you've got an emptiness Deep inside your heart I can fill it, when do I start "I can fill those shoes." ©James Sanders Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

   Jesus Loves Me
  Margi Harrell