Within the heart of every young person There is a dream, a feeling of wonder lust A desire to see what lies over the next mountain Across the river, around the next bend of the road As a boy growing up in eastern Kentucky In the forties and fifties I was no different I longed for the day when I would be old enough To go my own way, do my own thing Live my own dream, sow my wild oats Right or wrong that's the way all of us are Time passed slowly, days of summer were long Each day I ask myself when is my time? Would I ever be old enough? How can I get out of this dead end place? What about my Dreams? My dream was to go to Alaska Search for gold, hunt, fish, and live off the land This is not just a childhood dream Each year I hope, and I plan, but the cares of life Kick, stomp, bite, and attack my dream The first sixty years of my life My dream cries out to me, feed me!!!! But feeding family, making a living comes first The next ten years, helping family be happy Now Family has good life, living their Dream Going shopping, living on Cherokee Lake, Loves big house Everything good for family Now time is come to live my dream Family says no! Too old! Can't have Dream, bury Dream Dream cries out to me, No!!! No!!! Please don't bury me Dream Cemetery getting closer each day I read Gold Prospectors magazine I read Treasure-Hunting magazine Others having fun living their Dream My Dream is dying slow death Where is Dream Cemetery? Time to bury Dream Good-bye Dream, I love you One last time Dream cries out to me Wait!!! Please!!! Don't bury me I don't want to die ©James Sanders Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail
Music ~ My Elusive Dreams
English Midis

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