As long as I can remember People have been blaming each other When did it all start? In the Garden of Eden, Adam blamed Eve She gave me of the tree of life, and I did eat Eve blamed the serpent, the serpent beguiled me, and I did eat God blamed all three of them Cain blamed Able and killed him We've been blaming and killing each other ever since The damage was already done, why blame anyone Mark 11:26 God says if we don't forgive each other He won't forgive us How many souls will end up in Hell because of that Sin? The divorce rate is over fifty percent Where does it end? How many one-parent homes does it take? How high does the divorce rate have to go? Before we stop blaming each other We have no-fault divorce Why can't we have no-fault marriage? I point out your faults, and you point out mine Just accept the fact we're not perfect We make mistakes everyday Have you ever won an argument with your spouse? Did you really win? If you did win one, you will get the silent treatment for who knows how long You that are married, is it worth the price? After fifty years of marriage, I now realize I win the most if I don't play the blame game Having a lot to say, and not saying it That is wisdom ©James Sanders Used With Permission All Rights Reserved By Author Mail

My Reverie
Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi aka RedSal

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