Eighteen years ago today before I was born
There was a young woman driving to town in a storm
She was pregnant with abortion on her mind
In a hurry, and not much time

With tear filled eyes she could hardly see
She had made a decision to give up on me
On her way to the clinic to take away my life
She was a mother to be, but not a wife

Out of nowhere there was an accident
It was something Mom couldn't prevent
Someone ran a light on that stormy night
And I was saved by an accident

She was in trouble, from the start
Just a teenager, with a troubled heart
She was afraid, and all alone
Living in her car, cause she had no home

I was born, eighteen years ago today
Now I'm happily married, and a baby on the way
Isn't life great, I thank God every day
Because of an accident, I'm eighteen today

"I was saved by an accident"

©James Sanders
Used With Permission
All Rights Reserved By Author