Sapphire Designs 2013

Cheryl McCoy Pender Dedicated to the Memory of Cheryl McCoy Pender Depression looms in my heavy heart At the loss of one so dear Though I know her pain is over now And her destination clear My clouded mind drifts to a time When family love held sway Parents with seven children to raise And many hardships along the way Sitting on the porch after supper Mother rocking the baby and humming Lena and I tried to harmonize To the sound of Daddy's guitar strumming As the little ones chased fireflies The sound of crickets filled the air Almost drowned out by laughter Ah, it seems like I'm still there No matter how much I long to return In my memory to those years I hold lost loved ones in my heart And recall them through my tears As I grow older, it's more difficult To make those pictures come alive And wistfully wander through my mind Yet remembering helps me survive The old home place holds memories Far more than I could ever name But with our parents and two sisters gone It just wouldn't be the same I can still hear the family singing Voices blended in soft refrain Knowing all the sweet notes in this world Can't sing me home again Kathleen McCoy Eldridge © May 1, 2013 All Rights Reserved share


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Sing Me Back Home Sapphire Designs 2013