I always enjoyed looking out my bedroom window at my favorite tree. Across the street was a tall pine. At the top, the limbs were shaped to look like an eagle. When the wind would blow, the eagle would sway back and forth. Other times, he would sit quietly. I claimed this as God's promise to me that someday I would be like an eagle. I would walk without faint.

Isaiah 40:27-31 - Those that trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise on wings like eagles. They will run and not get weary. They will walk and not grow weak. All that I had to do was look out my window, at my tree, for reassurance that someday I would walk without faint.

One morning, I was looking out my bedroom window at "my" tree and "my" eagle and I saw a tall girl rushing to our door. I knew that she was a door-to-door saleslady for she had a big appliance with her. I knew that, with her speed, I would never get to the door before she would leave, so I didn't even try. I have never heard such banging on our door and doorbell ringing at the same time. I raised my bedroom window and called out to her before she broke our doorbell or knocked the door down. She was not giving up. I found out later that she had a message for me that even she didn't know about.

When she came over to the window, she was so tall that she covered the entire window. She started laughing and singing her sales speech, dancing with joy causing me to start laughing too. All that I remember of her sales jingle was, "My name is Mary Lou and who are you?" Then she pointed her finger at me waiting for me to answer. She left with a big smile on her face and a "thank you" to me even though I didn't buy anything.

After she left, I was reminded of another time, many years ago, when the speaker at a Women's Club meeting asked the same question. She asked each of us to write three things that would identify us. I listed:

I.   Mrs. G.T. Hall, Jr. - Wife

II.  Mother

III. Housewife

Some listed their jobs first, mother, then wife. Some listed mother first and wife last. In fact, on most, wife was third.

When we had all finished, she told us that by reading what we had written, she could tell where our priorities were. Many were shocked and probably their lives were changed after that. Now, after all these years, I was asked the same question: "Who am I?"

So much in my life has changed for I am no longer a wife. Praise God, I am still a other; I'm no longer a housewife for living with my daughter, she does the housework. That last one, #3, is great for I never was a good housekeeper for my husband and children stayed two weeks ahead of me turning everything upside down.

Again, I asked myself, "Who am I?"

I.   Etheleen Hall, whose desire is to serve the Lord and live a life that people will know that I am a Christian by my every day living.

II.  Mother

III. I have given this one to God to fill in. I'm really looking forward with much anticipation to receive the answer to number #3.

I only know that the next time I ask myself, "Who am I?" my #3 will be what God has planned for my future!

Etheleen Hall©

Who Am I?
Sequenced by Dean FH Macy
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