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I have claimed healing for my sight for over 20 years. I have thanked God for my healing every day during all those many years even though I have not received total healing yet.

Remember when we were children and we would take a daisy and pull petals off one at a time with, "He loves me; he loves me not." to find out if her boyfriend loved us? My faith over these years has been, "He loves me; He loves me not." Just like years ago with the daisy, I had to claim healing for survival. The fact that I was so strong in my faith that he not only could that he would make it made it easy for me to expect it

On one of my depressed "He loves me not" mornings, I heard so clearly the voice from my son's spirit saying, "Hang in there Mama. Help is on its way". This was from my son who had been in Heaven for years.

Immediately, in a vision, I saw Jesus and two angels riding horses fast toward me. Jesus was leading. The two angels were close behind him. They all three had on white robes that were flowing in the wind. That part of my vision stayed with me for days. A week later, my spiritual vision reappeared.

I saw Jesus and the two angels stop in front of my house, still on horses. They had been coming so fast that they came to an abrupt halt. Then they rode into our driveway. The angels stay outside while Jesus came to our front door passing my window. The driveway was hidden from me so I didn't see the angels again until they left.

Jesus entered the family room and saw the big rocker that had a throw on it with the name "Jesus" on it in big bold letters. He sat there.

The vision stayed there for days, then he left passing my window again. He had such a sad look on his face. I know that he was sad for I had lost my faith that the spiritual vision that I was seeing was of God. I lost my faith for I expected to be healed on that first day. I should have known better for many times before it took months, once a year, for my vision is to become reality.

I then saw Jesus and the angels leave slowly on their horses. I spent many depressed days for Jesus had left and my sight was no better. When the spiritual vision started again, I saw myself on top of a high cliff. I slipped and fell but before I hit rock bottom I saw a big angel like the one that road with Jesus catch me in his arms. Days later, the vision started again. I saw Jesus walking by my window again. He came back into the house and sat in the same rocker. He stayed there for days again. This time, when Jesus left and passed my window he was smiling. For the first time He turned to look at me.

He waved goodbye still smiling. It was so real I smiled back and waved goodbye to Him. He and the Angels again rode away.

He was smiling for I had my faith back that He did come to heal me. He gave me things more important than my physical healing. During his visit I received so many great love surprises and gifts that only God could send. I can wait for my sight to be restored. I know that God has an appointed time for this vision to become a reality.

I took advantage of a sleepless night and asked the Lord if I really had a vision from him. I also asked him if I should encourage people to expect a miracle healing. Was I misleading people to have the same faith I have?

The very next morning my daughter came in my room with a big smile on her face and said, "Mama, read my devotional for today." It read: Holy Spirit, your breath energizes me to run with the vision God has given me. I have written the vision and made it plain. Heavenly father, I accept your appointed time for the fulfillment of this vision. It will come in all of its fullness. It will come forth first class as an example for others to follow. It wouldn't be second rate because you are not second rate. In you, Lord Jesus, I will walk worthy of this divine calling. My thoughts, attitudes and behavior will be a credit to your summons to service in Jesus' name. Amen

Do you always expect answers from God for all of your questions? I do!!!

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