Without the Holy Spirit you miss so much joy in your Christian life. For me, until I became filled with the Holy Spirit, until he took over my life, I was just a "laid-back" Christian. With my life, it had to become a package deal: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

My life totally changed when I became a born-again Christian. I started living in the world of a new beginning, a second chance. My new beginning did not start immediately for I had so many years to forget. The hardships, the hurts and mistakes that I had made and the hate that I had for the ones that had hurt me was the hardest and took longer.

The Holy Spirit, God's Spirit, has given me a glorious new life. He has taught me to take a chance, not to be afraid for He is always near me, to protect me, and let me know that He was sent to me to do God's work in my life. I know that the Lord is in control of my life. It's great to start the day with a song in your heart. There is no song better than, "Something good is going to happen to me this very day."

I have learned to claim big things, right things. Among those are joy, peace and freedom from worry, depression, sadness and fear. Now, when I have the faintest tremor of fear, I stop all work, everything, and rest while the Holy Spirit takes over and makes me joyful and strong again.

There have been many times, times that I thought the Holy Spirit had left me. But soon I discovered that I had left Him. He waits patiently for me to come back to Him, for without Him I cannot be blessed. I quickly start thinking of my problems, then the dancing joy, and smile leave. The depression comes and takes over.

Even though in reality I am, but I never say that I am, on a limited income. Just the words make me sad and I think, "I love to give but I can't afford to."

When the Holy Spirit is in charge of your life, He quickly takes all the negative thoughts away. He reminds me that all money belongs to God, and my financial help will come from Him. He knows that I try to spend His money to do His will.

As long as I keep giving, He will refill my bank. To hold back on my money out of fear keeps me from doing God's will to help others. Giving to others blocks my flow from God. Listen to your spirit; if He says give, you give.

Sometimes I give when it is scary. I catch myself checking the calendar to see how many days left before I get my Social Security check. Old habits are hard to break. That is when I apologize to the Lord for not trusting Him always. He understands.

Many times I feel like I'm being tested by my faith to believe that I can give knowing that the Lord will supply all my needs. He has taught me to expect not just one miracle but many and an inner voice says, "Think love, think joy and think sharing."

The sharing I love and get more joy from. I never let a day pass that, when that day ends, I look back and check to see if I did something for someone other than my family. What a joy to relive the fact that I made someone happy. Sometimes just a phone call or short note will do. It takes only sometimes five minutes for a phone call - ten for short note. Then my joy really comes from knowing that I make God happy by doing His will. My greater joy is giving a stranger a smile or a compliment.

Have you for no reason thought of a person - one that you haven't seen or heard from in a long time? I follow through by getting in touch with that person as soon as I can. That is the Holy Spirit's way of leading me to do His will. Many times that person really needed a phone call or note from someone. I love it when the Lord chooses me to do His will.

It's hard to change from a negative person back into a Spirit filled person who knows that the Lord will supply all my needs and desires.

My first experience with the Holy Spirit telling me to give was really a joke to me for it came at a time when our lives were a financial and physical disaster.

Our children were visiting us from Atlanta and had gone shopping. When they came home they were all upset for they had been to a Christian bookstore and while there a little old lady came into play on her lay-away: a Bible for her grandson! They asked a salesperson how much she owed and they were told $17.00. After they left to return to their home, that little old grandmother stayed on my mind since I'm a grandmother and I knew her desire. My son had started a special account for me at the bank so that I could have some mad money. When I checked, I had only an $18.00 balance. My first experience with the power of the Holy Spirit was unbelievable. You have no control so I sent a check to the store. After talking to a salesperson she knew exactly who I was talking about. She remembered my children too. I sent the check with the understanding that the old woman should never know who paid for it. She should know only that it was a gift from the Lord. I was at peace, with no fear that all of my mad money was gone. I've never felt such joy.

That was a turning point in my life financially. Miracles started happening and my faith that God would supply all my needs really soared. The Holy Spirit has taught me what to say and when to say it. He says:

Never talk sickness
Never talk weakness
Never talk defeat
Never talk back
Never talk bondage

Knowing that I have always loved to give, He leads me to fabulous sales. I love sales so I'll look for them and many times I buy several of the same items, keep them on hand, so that I can give a gift on a short notice. That way, I don't have to wait for my check. I never have to say that I would love to give a present but can't afford it. The Lord has already provided the gift, even before I needed it. I never think of myself as a "poor old widow" but as a "rich old widow" who God is giving the desires of her heart!

I know that God is my source of my finances and as long as I use it for good as He wants it used the money supply is unlimited. Don't invite the Holy Spirit to calm and control your lives unless you're willing to give Him full control - God's control.

©Etheleen Hall

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