For twenty years I have been a semi-shut in because of failing eyesight. I had to give up most of all my hobbies. I've heard that your eyes are the most important and precious gifts that you have. I for one agree. I cannot drive anymore so my comings and goings depend on others.

For all these twenty years I keep thanking the Lord for my healing because I refuse to believe those reports. In fact, every time I received a negative report I would get mad. My faith has always been that strong.

One day, my young grand daughter came running into the house yelling, "Me-Mama, Me-Mama, look what I found!" She had been playing outside so I had no idea what she had found. When I looked up, I saw this horrible worm larger than the little finger that it sat on. I yelled, for it scared me so to see that horrible warm laying on my granddaughter's finger. She kept saying, "Don't be afraid, Me-Mama. He won't hurt you; he won't bite.

I still thought the place for that worm was in the yard even though she kept telling me that it was not a worm, it was the caterpillar. Seeing the disappointment on her face as she turned to take her caterpillar back outside made me sad to think that she had a grandmother who was afraid of a caterpillar. After she left, I sat and thought of all I had heard about the caterpillar. He was restricted to one place in a tree with only leaves to eat. Such a lonely life.

Some of us are restricted to one place not able to go places that we would like to go and not do many things that we would like to do. Things that would give us such joy and happiness but physically we cannot do.

Can you imagine how the caterpillar felt when his time came to change into something God wanted him to be? Only God can perform a miracle such as that to change an ugly warm into a beautiful butterfly. I get excited when I think how that crawling caterpillar must have felt when he started having wings appear and the beautiful colors too. Now, instead of crawling on a leaf he can fly from flower to flower like a child dancing with joy and happiness. Free to soar like an eagle.

Every time I see a butterfly, I claim that someday I, too, will soar like an eagle without faint. In my life, before I receive one of God's great miracles, I get restless, despondent, one big pity party. Now that I know that, I can weather the storm easier, battle the rough waters. Even though I never seem to know what my miracle will be, I start a chant that my spirit has given me! "Hallelujah, praise the Lord, thank you Jesus!"

Sometimes, it takes longer than others for me to receive my miracles. Sometimes I forget, then I have to stop and remind myself to expect a miracle that God is about to do for me. Have you ever awakened in the morning and thought, "Why get up early, nothing to do all day that is fun, that would give me joy" Restricted because of your physical disabilities? I have many days.

All that keeps me going are my thoughts of that caterpillar that scared me so that I sent him out of my house. My thoughts are that I know that something great is going to happen to me too, just as it did for that caterpillar. I believe that! If we trust the Lord and believe in His power to change our lives, God will. He will also give us the power and strength to survive until we do receive our healing.

He will give us the power to control our lives day by day and fill us with faith in Him for our great future. So it is up to us to develop our wings. We should have visions of ourselves flying as the butterfly does to our hearts content. My heart's desire, when I receive one of God's greatest miracles, is to share it with others. I want everybody to have hope for their future too. I would love to be called the butterfly lady.

My faith and desires have been so strong and knowing that I would not be a caterpillar for the rest of my life, for that is not God's will for me, I live an exciting life. For many, many years my survival kit has been that I refused to give up. I do feel ridiculous sometimes thanking him for my healing that I have not received yet but it gives me joy and keeps my faith strong.

Start praising the Lord now for your miracle healing even though you have not received it yet. Show your faith in Him. Let Him know that you trust Him and that you have faith that He is going to bless you soon. Be humble before Him; let Him know that you cannot do it alone and that you need His help. That is all it takes to receive the power and strength that you need. Just ask.

Start believing that you do have the power to control your live each day. You can change a badly depressed day into one of joy if you believe in yourself. I have been writing about a physical handicap that I need a healing for. I have discovered that I need a healing for so many things. You healing may be financial or your children's problems or your job or a relationship with your family. You may need hate removed because of memories of people who have hurt you, or low self-esteem, oh, so many healings that I have received, some more important than physical.

He stopped me from letting yesterday use up too much of today. That was so important for that healing gave me an inner peace that only God can give. I now have to use a walker to be able to walk at the mall. I know that someday my vision will become reality. Some day, I will soar like an eagle and walk without faint. Like the caterpillar, I'll just have to wait, for it will be well worth the wait when I do receive my healing.

©Etheleen Hall


Photo from www.comteche.com

"I Believe"
Performed by Margi Harrell