Many years ago, my spiritual vision started with seeing a small brown hired girl crouched in a dark corner of a big room. She was a frightened little girl looking like a street urchin, was barefoot and wearing a plain brown dress.

But first, let me explain. After having unsuccessful surgery to restore sight in my left eye, the only sight that I had now was in my right eye that I had already had to retina operations on. I now had a slow-growing cataract on it.

My doctor said that because of the weak retina he was going to wait until it was absolutely necessary to remove the cataract. I lived in fear each visit wondering if he would say that he was going to operate than. He had told me that there was a great risk involved. I may be totally blind if the operation was not successful.

One day the Lord spoke to me and said, "Stop praying now and start thanking me for your healing." I obeyed for a long time. My faith would soar some days but then again it would drop just as low. My sight became more blurred so of course my faith became weaker. I started making my plans to be blind. I packed all of my craft materials for my hobbies and stored them in my closet.

Age was on my side for many reasons. I was sure that I would never have to learn Braille, never have to have a seeing-eye dog because I had my children to read to me. My precious little grandchildren's hand would always be there to help make cross streets, walk in parking lots, and take me anyplace that I needed to go. My son, who had taken the responsibility of my eye problem from the beginning, called to say that he wanted me to come back to Atlanta for me to go to another doctor for a second opinion. I change doctors and with the most optimistic outcome report I was scheduled for surgery. I was to receive an implant in a few days.

One day I asked God why he had given me the words, "Thank me for your healing." I also asked Him if those words were from Him or something I imagined. It was then that I started receiving the spiritual vision before surgery.

The little girl that I mentioned earlier that was crouched in the corner of this bedroom suddenly became me lying on the floor in the same dress - barefoot and just as scared as a little girl was. I was looking up at Satan standing near me with a long leather handle with strips of leather at the end. Satan was dressed in the uniform of a Roman soldier and he looked five times my size. I've never seen such a look of hate on any face that I saw on his. He had the whip lifted ready to strike me again. Above me was a large bust of Jesus. I don't know why but for three days the vision stopped there. I cried for days because I could not understand why Jesus would look down at me knowing my battle with Satan and He would not take over.

The next time the spiritual vision resumed, Jesus had my hand. He had called me off the floor. I turned and saw that Satan was pinned against the wall with arms outstretched. The face had changed from hate for me to a face filled with such fear and horror that it made his eyes glassy. I left that room with Jesus leading me by the hand. I still had on the drab brown prison like dress and I was still barefoot. We left that torture room leaving the devil inside still clinging to the wall. The vision stayed there for awhile. When the vision started again it started with Jesus and a beautiful little five or six year old girl. The same little urchin that was first seen hovering in the corner was walking hand in hand down this long hallway passing big door that extended to the ceiling. The entire building was made of steel.

It was the most beautiful picture seeing Jesus and this little girl standing side-by-side holding hands. Her small hand in his large hand. The little girl had long brown, shoulder length curly hair. She was wearing an old-fashioned dress with petticoats and a white organdy pinafore trimmed with a lace that was over a print dress. She was wearing knee socks and black patent slippers with a strap that buttoned. It was quite a contrast from what she was wearing when she first appeared in my spiritual vision.

With her childlike faith, with Jesus by her side, she had no fear just walking slowly with him down that long hallway with a beautiful smile on her face that was almost a giggle. At the and of the long walk they came to a door unlike the others. This door was one that you would find in a country home many years ago with a beautiful ornate door. The vision stopped with Jesus and the child standing patiently in front of the door. It was as if they were waiting for someone to come open the door for them.

Two days before my surgery was scheduled, the vision started again when Jesus reached over and opened the door. What I saw was breathtaking. There was the most beautiful painting I had ever seen and for the first time in years I can see clearly every minute detail. I realized then why Jesus had told me to start praising Him for my healing. I was not going to be blind. The operation was going to be a great success. The minute the door opened I heard a voice say, "peace and tranquility." The colors were gorgeous! There were two women sitting in big porch rockers on this spacious porch. In the painting, the one on the left that I now call "Peace" was a buxom woman with long blonde hair pulled back in a bun. She was sitting so straight in her big rocker and she was snapping beans. A most contented lady and her long dress looking as we say spiritual. Just to see her face with her half smile immediately you could feel your entire body relax and be at peace. The other lady, "Tranquility," as I call her was such a precious little old lady that immediately you have the strongest desire to rush over to her and give her a big hug. She was sitting in a smaller rocker for she was small and very petite lady. Her hair was so beautiful, salt and pepper, with a bun in the back. Even the tight bun could not control all those ringlets around her face. She was doing some type of hand work. She too had a beautiful a satisfied smile on her face.

On the steps from the porch, sat a man watching two puppies play in the yard and in the street was a young boy riding a bike. God gave me the words "Peace and Tranquility" and from the time Jesus opened the door I have never ever felt such peace.

The day before my surgery I had to go to the hospital for tests, tests that I needed before surgery. Tests that I dreaded. I could not believe the piece I had during all the tests. While at the hospital for test I was given a sleeping pill to take so that I could get a good night's sleep before surgery that was scheduled for the next morning.

With the peace that the Lord had given me I did not need the medicine. I fell asleep early and had a heavenly sleep all night. The surgery was a success. The doctors were so pleased when I went back for my checkup. I was not surprised for Jesus had given me a spiritual vision letting me know that everything was going to be great. I was surprised when after the surgery the spiritual vision appeared again.

Jesus and the little girl appeared before the beautiful door. Now the little girl had on her beautiful clothes. She started again jumping up and down saying, "hurry, hurry, hurry, please, please, please." Jesus then, with a big smile, reached over and opened the door again but this time it was not a painting but the picture was alive. The two women were rocking, the man on the steps was playing with the two puppies and the boy on the bike was riding by. Jesus looked down at the child and said, "Go, you are free at last." He let go of her hand and she started running past the ladies who had big smiles on their faces as they watched her running down the steps. The man hurriedly moved his feet for her to pass. He too had a big smile on his face as he watched. Jesus was standing at the door smiling at her to as she crossed the street and disappeared among the trees.

I will always thank God for giving me this spiritual vision at a time in my life when I needed it most.

©Etheleen Hall




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