If you do not believe that God does speak to people, then this book is not for you. This book is for believers - people who know that God does speak to us. He speaks to us through the Holy Spirit within us. If you don't believe, or have never heard Him speak to you through His spirit, then maybe you are too busy doing "things." Maybe you don't take the time to listen to God speak to you. Give Him some of your time, time that you are free to listen just the two of you, one on one.

Maybe on those nights when you can't sleep, laying in the bed worrying and you are tossing and tumbling, maybe, just maybe, the Lord is wanting to talk to you. He could be trying so hard to get you to listen to Him for a message He has for you - a message that you stay too busy during the day to give Him any of your time. You can relax, for being with the Lord at night is so restful that you will always wake up in the morning feeling happy and joyful. Just spending time with only you and the Lord leaves you so at peace and full of hope for your future.

All of my adult life, I have enjoyed going to hear speakers who could speak eloquently. I have always been fascinated by words. I admire people who can quote the scripture so easily. I'll admit I was always a bit jealous for I can do neither because of a speech handicap that I have. They also are the people who all my life intimidated me. They gave me such a complex that I cannot speak to a crowd. I cannot pronounce words with more than two syllables. This impediment makes me even more shy. I still admire those people but now I don't envy them.

One day I realized that, like the caterpillar, my life was changing. It was almost like I was going back to school again. I was being taught, trained and encouraged day by day by the Lord personally. I felt that there were millions of people far worthier than I who had received their guidance from the Bible, sermons, their churches, books and other sources that I have not been able to use for many years. Others who were more educated than I, God could use in more ways than I could ever serve Him. I became very despondent for I had so much to say, to share with others but when they were quiet and were listening, I would panic. It was hard for me to believe that God would speak to me and say, "Write a book for Me." I panicked and thought that God had me confused with someone else. I felt that I was not qualified, not educated enough.

All of my life, it seems that I have heard the word, "parable" used in the Bible so when God said, "Write a book for me," He gave me the wrong parable. I went straight to the dictionary to find the exact definition for the word, "parable." I found that the meaning was, "a simple story that anyone can understand." Then I realized that God did choose me to write this book. I was told that no research was to be done and was not needed for all I had to do was take time to listen to the Lord and let Him deliver His words through my writing. I love to write and, with His help, I can finally express my feelings. To have my "heart's desire" was overwhelming to me. Such joy!!

Suddenly, my faith and joy in myself left me. I had no confidence for something so great. To write a book about the Word of God? Me? That feeling did not last long before God spoke to me again and said, "Get your pen and paper and I will move the pen for you. You will not have to do anything but take dictation." Faith in God is great, but no words can express the joy, the overwhelming love for God that takes over your entire being when you realize that God has so much faith in you to do His will. God's faith in us can be far beyond our wildest dreams. I realize now that, if I had been healed physically first, I might have been too busy to listen to God's plan for me.

Now, instead of long, lonely days, He keeps me busy doing what I love to do, and knowing that I am obeying Him gives me great joy! Just take time to give to the Lord and He will instruct you too and teach you in the way you should go. God's will is always perfect so maybe I am qualified to write a book for Him but only if I never forget that, without Him, I would not be qualified.

Etheleen Hall©