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To me, nothing is more beautiful than a long stemmed rose. I have always loved roses for they are so regal; each one is individual, growing with so much pride.

I have never understood why something so beautiful had to have such ugly thorns on their stems ~ that could really hurt you.

The only answer that I can conclude is that above all of those sharp thorns is a beautiful flower not harmed by them and they were put there to teach me a lesson.

Each of us is born to be a beautiful rose but the thorns must be removed from our stems of life before we can come into full bloom. I've tried for many, many years to remove the thorns in my life. I tried so hard to do it myself. My life would have been so different if I had given my thorns to the Lord. I believe that He patiently waits for us to give them all to Him. These thorns represent things in our lives that need to be removed. Just a few are fear or hate but these thorns could also be jealousy, bad habits or addictions of some kind.

Some roses have longer stems than others and more thorns. Some of us have more thorns on our stem of life than others. To me, that means that these people will have more miracles ~ such joy as Jesus removes our thorns! Some hurts I have carried for years and years. They did nothing for my self-esteem ~ just gave me an inferiority complex that I could battle, but not as hard. I tried so hard to remove these thorns from my life but after fifty years or more, I realized that only Jesus can remove my thorns. So I asked Him to take over ~ and He did. I handed the clippers to the Lord and stepped out of His way. Then, and only then, did the thorns start leaving. I still have some thorns left on my stem of life that need to be removed before I can be a beautiful rose. I know that someday I will be thorn free.

Some of our hurts go as far back as young children. I doubt if people with sharp tongues even remember what they said because that is their lifestyle. Some even brag that they call a “spade a spade,” no matter who it hurts. Are these people who have hurt you worth giving them even a minute of your life? My answer is, “No!”

The only way that I stopped letting them steal my joy was that I switched channels as I do with my TV. I immediately think of someone that loves me and shows it or someone that thinks I may be a little bit special. Then, and only then, do I have the great peace and joy that can comes only from God. That, too, takes hate out of my thoughts for my enemies. Hate can make us sick and almost destroy us.

The sad thing is that the people who have hurt us never suffer, for hurting people comes so easy to them. I now pray for them and I have asked God to change them. I have given them to the Lord for I had them in my life too long already. Since I’ve given God the clippers, my life has totally changed. Now I can look forward instead of back. I know that my future holds so many great things for me, for my future is totally in His hands.

Now if a problem comes up I can stop and praise Him during that time and that makes my problem seem so trivial. I start praying for others if I start having a “pity party” for myself.

Then, and only then, can I start a chant that the Lord gave to me. It can lift me up out of sadness to a plateau of joy, peace and tranquility.

Taking deep breaths slowly, then my chant is repeating over and over, “Hallelujah; Praise the Lord; Thank you, Jesus!”

Etheleen Hall©

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MaybeSapphire Designs 2014