Years ago, I worked as a saleslady in a lingerie department. Being new in the town, I did not know many people. I have always loved meeting new people, for new people have always fascinated me. A conversation with a stranger is exciting to me and gives me such joy.

One day, I started noticing that one of my regular customers was a sweet, gentle, older lady, a bit humped, but always dressed beautifully. Her hair was graying and always looked as if she had just left a beauty salon. I will never forget her loving smile and her shy personality.

While talking one day, she said that the reason she was buying so many gowns and bed jackets was that she wanted to have plenty when she had to go to the hospital. That shocked me for she had never mentioned being ill. I asked her if she was ill and she said, "No," but that she wanted to have plenty when she had to go to the hospital. Now that she was getting older she was expecting to have to go.

How sad that we associate old-age with illness. I don't know of anyone that would want to grow old if it meant only that you were going to be sick. Maybe old-age slows down some but the illnesses older people have know no age.

Babies are born with some of our so-called old age illnesses. Old age gets credit for too many things. Feeling this way when my lady friend told me her reason for shopping with me, I felt numb for a minute. I started laughing and she looked up at me wondering what I was laughing at. I reached over and took her hand as we look each other in the eye, I said, "You go home, planned a fun trip, pack these gowns and forget the hospital." She smiled and left without saying a word.

A few weeks later, I looked over and there stood my friend. There was something different about her. She was acting like a small child waiting to give me a surprise. Her face still had that sweet beautiful smile but, this time, there was so much joy shining on her face. She said, "I came by to tell you that I am going to take your suggestion. My friend and I are going to Europe next week. I don't know for how long, but I will see you when I return". She said, "Thank you," and left.

Now at the end of each new day, I look back and try to remember if I have done anything for anybody that would let them know that I care. I try to think of someone that needs to know that someone cares. A short note, a short phone call takes very little time. I make my phone calls short so that people will not dread my calls. Also, I'm not a very good phone person.

If you will listen, God will give you the name of a person He wants you to contact. Then, please obey Him.

©Etheleen Hall


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