Remember singing Leaning On The Everlasting Arms of Jesus? I was blessed to have Him to lean on and to know that He would always be there for me and knowing that I felt safe. The best example I can give you is to share with you what I saw as I watched from my window one day

Across the street, I saw a father with his small son sitting on their porch. The little boy stood and started down the steps. He hesitated at the top, for I imagine to a one-year-old, he felt like he was on a mountain looking down. He stood there for awhile, then started to take a step down. The father was just waiting for his son to try, and then he reached out and helped his son all the way down - step by step. When they reached the bottom, the little boy started jumping up and down and clapping his hands. He was so proud of himself.

I realized that that was the way that Jesus does me. If I step out in faith, such as the little boy, to walk down steps without a rail to hold on to or to be helped by someone, since I don't see well, He is always there. I know now that Jesus does love me and will always be there to support me. I just can't give up, but step out in faith to have that proven to me.

I know that all of you, at one time, have plucked petals from daisies. We did it with a boy in mind. Remember, "He loves me; he loves me not?" I mentally played that game with my life with Jesus. Many times, petals gave out with, "He loves me; He loves me not." I would not stop until petals lasted until I ended with, "He loves me!"

Oh yes, in my life now, there are many times, even days, that I doubt it when things get bad. I'm writing this especially for those who have physical burdens - burdens that are so hard to bear that it seems every minute, every hour of the day, you may not make it. There is hope. If God will do it for me, he will do it for you. Lean on Him; go on His strength. The most important part of all is don't forget to thank Him, have faith in Him and, at the end of each day, look back and see how He helped you. By doing that, I could fare another day.

Psalms 23:4 says, "Lord, I will not be afraid, for You are close behind me, guarding me all the way." Believe that He will protect you from all harm. Psalms 71:15 says, "Lord, You have faithfully rescued me from danger." It was not easy for the Lord to change me from a person with little self-esteem and not an intelligent person, into a person that knows that God loves me. With His love, I have found joy, peace and confidence.

All of my life, I worked so hard for people to love me. Their approval meant so much to me. Now, my life does not depend on people caring, although I love people and would like them to love me. My life now is doing things that will be pleasing to God. With God's help, I am a survivor. I have always lived with an inferiority complex, beginning in my childhood. There were words that, when I tried to pronounce them, the syllables became mixed up. There are still words that I cannot pronounce correctly, so I dodge them.

I had so much to share with people about God's great miracles, but I could not speak to a crowd. I was so self-conscious of being the center of attention. One day, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Get a pen and pad and I will help you write what you want to say." I obeyed and He started dictating to me what I should write. I had to write fast to keep up with Him. I never thought that I could do it but, with the Lord's help, I'm loving it. To this day, I never go anyplace without my pen and pad ready to write down what He wants me to.

I would love to share with you that, by obeying and writing my thoughts, I am writing without my glasses! Now, I know that it did come from the Lord and these words, "Oh, blessed one, by thy faith thy art healed!" Still carrying that complex when Jesus spoke to me and called me "blessed one," I couldn't believe that it came from God. Soon, I did believe it for I kept saying and believing that God was going to heal me.

We all have ways of serving the Lord. I believe mine is writing of His great love for us and the great miracles that He can perform if we only believe. I think often of the story I heard about a little old lady who loved the Lord so much and wanted to serve Him in some way. She thought, "I can't teach a Sunday School class for speaking to a group makes me too nervous. I can't join a choir for I can't sing." Then, she remembered that everybody always said that she had a beautiful smile. Now, she uses that beautiful smile. Every Sunday, she stands at the church door before and after the services. She smiles people in and she smiles them out.

If you want to serve the Lord, just ask Him how and He will instruct you in the way that you should go.

©Etheleen Hall

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
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