There's a Melody Within My Heart
Laura's Midi Heaven

Etheleen Hall

Many years ago, while I was watching a Christian TV show, a lady on the program said that she especially prayed over her housework. I was really shocked because, at that time, my prayers were restricted to the safety for my family and friends, especially if they were hurt or sick.I never prayed for help from God for housework. Instead, I dreaded big jobs for days, sometimes weeks, but I finally did them.How my life has changed! In my spiritual growth, I have learned that I can ask God to help me in all things. No matter how big or small, He always helps.

God had turned my life around in such a great way. Now, to make all undertakings seem small, I just ask God for His help, then he sends angels to help me.When I am doing the most dreaded jobs, I don't think about the job for I spend that time praising the Lord that I am physically able to do it. This, also, is my greatest praise time ~ praying for others and tell Jesus of my love for Him.Before I realize it, I have finished that dreaded job and actually had fun while doing it. I can't even remember doing it for He has erased hard work thoughts and I'm not even tired.

I've never been an organized person, but very impulsive, so when I hear people say they have a certain time in the day for prayer time, that sounds great but, for me, prayer time is any time. I can pray with a vacuum or washing machine going full blast. When you are delayed in traffic, instead of getting impatient, let that be your prayer time.

Even in the noisiest circumstances, you can talk with God and also hear Him talk to you. I have had many questions answered in the noisiest places. Only with the Lord, is this possible for when you speak to someone or listen to someone, you have to turn your vacuum off. Not so with God.

Not only with housework, but in all things I now thank the Lord. Things that I have always taken for granted now have become no effort. Do you say, "Thank you, Lord" after every shower, every meal you cook, being able to walk to the mailbox, walk up steps without help, everything that you are able to do but only with His help? I never did until now because, without His help, I can do none of those things. So, now, do you know why I spend my day praising the Lord?

Etheleen Hall©


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