To Daddy and Mother,

In 1936, I was not born yet. I'm sure God had you already picked out for me but in His time table, my time was still to come. So I just waited in Heaven with God…waiting until my day would become a reality.

While I waited, you both grew from "children" yourselves until God knew you were ready for a child. Then He sent down Sam, your first born. What a boy! Your first child to walk, swim, go to school and even later graduate from college! Daddy, when you first saw Sam at Phoebe Putney Hospital, you must have known he was truly a gift from God. Even after forty years, he still has yours and Mother's faith&the kind of faith where no matter what happens to you, you still know God is to carry you through. He is like an extension of our own body. When you shared your love to Peggy, Jenny and others by being the big sister and big brother everyone could depend on, that laid the foundation for Sam, for he has always truly been there in any mess we got into and is still there for us today.

Then God sent down pure joy and you named him Roy! You passed on your faith to Sam and your love of people to Roy. Roy had the best two teachers in all God's world to learn how to truly love and care about people. Y'all have spent most of your lives doing, praying, and helping for others. Even little Jeff recognized that quality in y'all.

And, finally after so many years of waiting, God let me come join y'all. It was a long wait, a very long wait but a day does not go by that I do not thank God for blessing my life by being your daughter. Looking at me, I first think of the love I have of these Great United States of America which I learned from my Daddy. Priorities were never a problem with you, Daddy. Your love of God, country and family was always first in your life and still is.

And, Mother, what can I say except I try every day to be the wife and Mother that you are? I know that is why, at the age of 33, I am so happy. All I ever wanted was what I had as a child&a home of love. By living a life of love as your daughter, it has been easy for me to create one for my husband and our own children. I thank you for that gift.

And, finally, much to your own surprise, Debbie was born! God did not merely send her down from Heaven ~ God created Debbie as a "special" gift for you. In His wisdom, He could see ahead in the future and wanted you to have a special gift on your 45th anniversary. That gift is Debbie, a girl created by God Himself for you! A girl with only love in her heart for you both; a girl that would give her own life for yours; a girl that even thinks she is the lucky one for knowing you! Yet, she is a true summation of you both ~ pure joy, pure love, pure concern for others.

God must be looking down with a smile tonight for He must want to thank you both for being so wonderful, but then He remembered He sent you Debbie!

Good night,
We all love you!!!

Holy, Holy, Holy
Sequenced by Attila Fias
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