I have no sight in my left eye for the surgery on it was unsuccessful. For years, the doctor told me that the next operation on my right eye might not be successful either. It would be risky, but necessary, to have this surgery. Without it, I definitely would be blind.

The surgery went well for a few days when, suddenly, big black spots started floating in my sight. I panicked and decided to call the "700 Club" to talk to someone. They were my daughter's refuge in need and I was really in need.

You might wonder why I didn't call my doctor first. To be honest, the decision to call the "700 Club" so quickly I never thought to call the doctor. I realized later that my answer was not from my doctor, but from the Lord.

The sweetest lady answered my call. I told her why I was calling, that I was afraid that I was totally losing my sight.

In the quietest, most gentle voice, she said that she understood and that she would love to read some scripture for me. It was II Timothy 1:7 - "For God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." As she was reading it to me, I felt a peace come over me and after repeating "God has not given me a spirit of fear," then I knew who hates the devil. It was then that I learned to rebuke the devil, in Jesus' name, when evil and fear enter my life.

As soon as the peace came over me, my eye started to clear and I started praising the Lord and believing that God could heal anything the devil has tried to destroy.

Several times after that, the spots reappeared and all that I had to do was turn to "my" scripture. All fear left and finally the devil gave up and never tried that trick again.

I know that all of us have gone into a "teen-ager's" room where there are posters everyplace, and walls papered with pictures of their favorite people. If you come to see me, go into my room and you will find posters everywhere for all occasions that I need. I have added a really big one for my closed door. My daughter makes many posters for me and she smiled like, "What, another one, Mama?"

Yes, the poster reads II Timothy 1:7. Now, when I get so afraid of any report of fear of any kind, I have only to read my poster for instant peace.

Another poster I have says, "No Problem" with a smiley face underneath. Those two posters have changed my life from a person who always lived in fear of some situation into a trusting person, for God turned that horrible ordeal with my eye into a blessing. For me, it changed my life.

I wish that I could meet and say, "Thank you" to that precious lady at the "700 Club" who gave me that scripture many years ago.

Etheleen Hall©

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