I don't know when I was given this scripture, but this I know, it came from God. [Isaiah 43:18-19]

The interpretation I was given was: Never let yesterday use up too much of today. Do not call to mind the former things of the past. Behold, I will do something new!

As I read that, I knew that that was for me, for I would have days of depression brought on by living in the past. Always bad thoughts, though, I kept reliving and remembering people who had hurt me so badly that I was filled with hate for those people. Not only that, I could not stop grieving for my beautiful, thoughtful son, who died just a few years back. People say that time heals, but I know, not for the death of a child of yours. For me, it will always seem that it only happened yesterday.

Knowing that those words were from God to me, I wrote it on a card and taped it by my bed so I could read it the very first thing in the morning when I got out of bed. Finally, I released the past, decided those people that had hurt me were not worthy of putting sadness in my life. The mistakes that I had made were released from my thoughts and replaced by beautiful memories.

I have never had such peace to cover my entire being, my entire world. Knowing that God did hear my prayers, that He cared, gave me such joy and happiness. Now, all I had to do was wait for my miracles to start, for I realized that for God to give us a future, we have to stop living in the past.

With my new beginning, forgetting the past, God has given me the power to control my own life. All of us have that power by using the strength, God's strength, that He has given us. That decision is up to us.

One great way to live in the future is start thinking of someone not as fortunate as yourself, for as great as our problems, physically or emotionally are, there are others who have problems greater than ours. Then, you will start praising the Lord that your circumstances are not as bad as others. This is the best way to get rid of "feeling sorry for yourself." With that control over your own life that God has given you, start thanking Jesus for your healing. Stop talking sickness; stop claiming it. Give it to Jesus and leave it there. I know, from past experiences, that that's not easy to do.

Now, with love in my heart and great meaning, I have learned to say, "Thank you, Lord" for these blessings and all other blessings we ask in Jesus' name. A prayer I learned as a small child and said before each meal, I can now say and feel the difference in my heart and spirit even though the words are the same.

Life is so precious. Every moment is precious. Don't wait until you almost lose it to realize that. Do things that make you happy. The best way to live a happy life filled with joy is to give to others, think of others and show love for others. Live by the golden rule,"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Love people; don't judge them. Get your mind off yourself and your problems. Think and pray for others. Don't be shy or afraid to give compliments to strangers for that would mean more to them than if it came from a loved one. I've also discovered that by words of authority, in the name of Jesus, miracles can take place.

I love my new beginning, for my thanking Jesus for my healing gives me such joy. Sometimes, my dreams for my future are way out and when reality takes over, saying that my dreams can never happen, I don't listen anymore. I claim big things, really big things, for nothing is too big for God.

Knowing this, and my faith in God's power, I now plant seed in rich soil and strong faith. Some seeds go deep and strong into the soil and take a little longer until time for harvest. The hardest part is waiting for my seeds to have roots strong enough for the harvest that God has in store for me.

We all know that fear is a curse of the devil and he is so evil. Don't give in to him. Don't let him scare you because if you keep your strong faith in God for your great future, the devil will get weaker by the minute, but he will get stronger if you lose your faith.

Hold on to your visions of the future. Hold on to your dreams of the future. The devil will try to convince you that God doesn't love you and doesn't hear your prayers. Don't believe him! God will be the visitor in your life, not the devil!! Keep saying, "I will receive what I have been fighting for all these years." God's riches are unlimited and His gifts are given so freely, and with so much love, that you almost feel like thinking, "What does He expect in return?" The answer is simple. Just say, "Thank you, Lord!"

My prayer habits have changed. Now, I ask only once, then I start thanking Him for the answer. Why pray if you don't believe that He will answer? He can only bless those with thankful hearts open to Him to give us our blessings. So, expect wonderful things ~ Joy, Peace, Assurance, Security, Health, Happiness and Laughter. So, again, I say claim big, really big, things and remember that nothing is too big for God.

I am not a special person in the sight of people. I have my many faults but I know that I am special to the Lord.

Etheleen Hall©




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